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Laurent Détroyat during an aircraftr completion review

After over 15 years of experience in sales and project development in the perfume and chemical industry throughout Asia, Africa and the USA, Laurent Détroyat decided, 10 years ago, to reorient his professional life through his passion for aviation. 


He first developed from Geneva, with his partners, LunaJets, a brokerage platform providing charter flight hours. This development lead LunaJets to a prominent position on the private jet charter market in Europe. 

His technical savviness made him move into the operation part of the industry by joining DC-Aviation, the first German private jet operator. Leading sales and operational organization in the best interest of team efficiency is what made him decided to develop Détroyat Aviation. 


Pilot on his private time, he and his wife are the happy parents of two daughters.



Passionate about aviation, a former mechanic and "Yellow dog" on French aircraft carriers, Franck Testard is a maintenance manager and an aircraft engineer with almost 30 years of experience in monitoring aircraft maintenance, airworthiness, completion and deliveries. He is also aeronautical expert before the French courts.


He serves as an independent technical advisor to Détroyat Aviation and is the point of contact on any technical projects.

When not working on his various projects, Franck enjoys boating in Britany with his wife and  grown-up kids. 


Former aeronautical engineer, military and civil test pilot, Dipl Ing Martin Hinterwaldner has over 11.000 flight hours on military & corporate aircraft (jet & prop) ranging from seaplanes to high altitude reconnaissance aircrafts. His places of flight operation have been worldwide, including Antarctic and Arctic regions.

Martin has been a corporate pilot for over 30 years, coordinating and starting the operation of large group fleets and individual owners, as flight operations manager & accountable manager.

In the private flight industry, Martin has focused his pilot servicing experience on discretion, safety, service quality and overall enjoyment of guests experience. His expertise is focused on operational matters, aircraft flight specifications, flights, routes, and crew related topics.  

Cyclist, skier & runner in his free time, Martin enjoys staying active. Along with being a happy father of two daughters.


For more than 28 years, Laurent has been coordinating projects all over the world, first, in the chemical industry, and, after, in the aeronautical industry, providing commercial, operational, and industrial solutions to his employers and clients. By founding Détroyat Aviation, he took the decision to commit to his convictions of servicing clients in the most simple, efficient, and reliable way in their aeronautical interrogations, choices, wills for changes, or needs.


From operations optimization, reviews and audits (financial, operational, legal), to predictive maintenance and process improvements to point-to-point aviation, SAF, decarbonation or EVTOL, Détroyat Aviation supports projects with clarity and transparency.


Expertise, professionalism and reliability of the team members, commitment in delivering clear answers to the questions asked, using adapted and up to date technology. This is what drives the team members of Détroyat Aviation in their expertise in the endless evolution of the aeronautical industry. 

When everything seems to be going against you,

remember that the airplane takes off

against the wind, not with it

Henry Ford

 Tel : +33 1 43 70 04 85  

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