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Private Aircraft

Given their significant value and complex nature, ownership of private jets and helicopters necessitates access to precise and transparent information. Détroyat Aviation specializes in delivering comprehensive guidance and support to aircraft owners and operators seeking to optimize their organizational efficiency.

Aircraft Owners Support

Aircraft are highly valuable but also highly complex assets. This complexity can often be overwhelming for individuals or corporations without deep industry knowledge. Détroyat Aviation expertly handles all facets of aircraft ownership, removing the complexity and stress from ownership and giving owners more time to focus on matters most important to them.

Our service offering includes: ​​

  • Aircraft operation and/or operator audit & recommendation

  • Cost control & analytical accounting review 

  • Subcharter coordination during asset scheduled and unscheduled downtimes 

  • Cost offsetting - Charter analysis (Revenue / asset depreciation / risk ratio)

  • Financing options

  • Insurance recommendation & coverage coordination 

Our independent and expert solutions include purchases, sales, operation, cost control and human resources, ensuring flawless operations and maximum return from your asset. 

Aircraft Operator Support

With over 40 years experience in on-demand charter and aircraft operations, we help private jet operators maximize their operational efficiency.


We support operators in 2 major areas:

  • Maintenance follow-ups and independent assessments 

  • Operational optimization


Maintenance follow-ups and independent assessments 

At Détroyat Aviation, we provide independent expertise to support operators and owners with technical concerns. Based on your needs, we conduct thorough maintenance follow-ups and unbiased assessments to address issues ranging from corrosion to maintenance problems with engines, APUs, avionics, and overall aircraft airframe integrity.


When you need an independent view on issues related to Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) stations, Original Aircraft Manufacturers (OAM), or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), we are here to act as your third-party technical experts. We address your needs and investigate possible root causes to find effective solutions for our clients.


Operational optimization

The wide breadth of activities for a commercial or private aircraft operator includes flight operations, charter request management, maintenance scheduling, regulatory monitoring, human resource management and client follow-ups. The key to efficiently managing each of these aspects is to choose the best suited technical solutions.

Détroyat Aviation provides expert guidance on the most suitable IT tools in the areas of: ​

  • Sub-charter optimization

  • ​Flight Scheduling Software (FSS) audit and implementation

  • ​Owner reporting implementation 

  • ​Accounting and purchasing improvement

  • ​Buying and procurement optimization

From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to Flight Service Stations (FSS) and Electronic Flight Bags (EFB), we advise and support the integration of various operational, sales and accounting tools to improve your operational efficiency.

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

The sale or acquisition of a private jet or helicopter is a project by itself. Détroyat Aviation utilizes its in-house expertise and network of key partners to provide a smooth pre and/or post-acquisition process for client's.

Whether a first-time buyer or a regular aircraft customer, the acquisition or sale of a "flying asset" involves a variety of variables. This can include:

  • Qualification of the type of aircraft operation

  • Budgeting of an operational cost structure 

  • Owner requirement translation into achievable flight operation

  • Liaison with transportation state agencies (FAA - EASA & National)

  • Financial structuring when needed

  • And so many more….

Détroyat Aviation specializes in managing the numerous variables, operational constraints, regulations, and the interests of various parties involved in an acquisition or sale of an aircraft. This investment translates to significant cost savings both in the acquisition or the sale process.


Through our established and reliable boutique aircraft partner, we provide reliable market insights, thanks to an innovative product offering and a focus on discretion and project management delivery. With this partnership and operational expertise, Détroyat Aviation's aim is to support the adapted solution for its client looking at selling their asset or at buying new or pre-owned airplanes and helicopters. 

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