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Aircraft owners possess a highly valuable asset that is used as a transportation tool. Objective: Going at the requested time from point A to point B. 

The complexity of an operation should not be of any concern for a Corporate or individual owner. 

With that objective in mind Détroyat Aviation supports aircraft owners in: 

  • Aircraft operation and/or operator audit & recommendation

  • Cost control & analytical accounting review 

  • Subchapter coordination during asset scheduled and unscheduled downtimes  

  • Cost offsetting - Charter analysis (Revenue / asset depreciation / risk ratio)

  • Banks and financial services financing

  • Insurance recommendation & coverage coordination   


Providing independent and realistic solutions to aircraft owner on their purchases, sales, operation, cost control or human resource issue leads to a flawless operation in the best interest of the owner's asset. 

 Tel : +33 1 43 70 04 85  

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