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Consulting Services
for Aircraft Owners & Operators

40 years of aviation experience at your service

About us

With over 40 years of industry experience, Détroyat Aviation is committed to serving clients in pioneering projects

Détroyat Aviation offers comprehensive consulting services, providing clarity, expert recommendations, and tailor-made solutions for aeronautical projects involving private jets, helicopters, drones, and urban air mobility. 

Our services

Tailored Aviation Expertise at Your Service

Explore our specialized services that cater to every aspect of aviation management, from bespoke aircraft ownership support to strategic future-proofing of your operations. At Détroyat Aviation, we merge decades of industry experience with personalized attention to elevate and streamline your aeronautical endeavors.

Given their significant value and complex nature, ownership of private jets and helicopters necessitates access to precise and transparent information. Détroyat Aviation specializes in delivering comprehensive guidance and support to aircraft owners and operators seeking to optimize their organizational efficiency.


  • Aircraft Owners Support

  • Aircraft Operator Support

  • Aircraft Sales & Acquisions

Private jets encounter remarkable technical challenges, ranging from sweltering Dubai summers at 45° to freezing temperatures of -63° at 12,000 meters (FL400). Throughout the lifespan of these aircraft, maintenance, airworthiness, repairs, optimization, and refurbishment projects are inevitable. At Détroyat Aviation, we stand ready to provide our expert assistance every step of the way.

  • Maintenance & Airworthiness

  • Completion & Refurbishment

In the ever-evolving aviation industry, marked by advancements like eVTOL, drones, SAF, carbon-offsetting and biomimetics, a forward-looking strategy becomes imperative.


Leverage our in-house knowledge to strategically position your company for optimal advantage during these transformative changes

Contact Us

Connect with us to explore our aviation services. We will be pleaser to address your aeronautical inquiries of be challenged on a new fascinating aviation related project.

Operation, aircraft management, fleet optimisation, route optimisation, trading, environnemental concerns, offsetting, Sustainable aviation fuel, maintenance, Airworthyness, charter, insurance... corrosion. Name it and we will be pleased to look into any new challenge.


Consulting Services
for Aircraft Owners & Operators

40 years of aviation experience at your service

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