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National and international federal aviation organisations impose standards on the airworthiness of aircraft worldwide. From gliders to airliners, piston to “turboprop”, jet turbine to the electric propulsion or hydrogen fuelled machines of the future, strict standards of airworthiness are required to ensure the safety of passengers.


Both from a legal and and asset preservation point, airworthiness coordination and maintenance cannot be undervalued or miscoordinated. 


Détroyat Aviation will support its clients in: 


  • Maintenance preparation, estimation and follow up:

    • Standard “lines” and “bases” maintenance

    • Unscheduled maintenance

      • Coordination with Original Equipment Manufacturer

      • Insurance coordination (insurer & insurance broker ) 


  • Airworthiness coordination with certified partners 

    • Airworthiness Directive 

    • Supplemental Type Certificate 

Détroyat Aviation draws on its network of industry experts to create a maintenance schedule where costs and downtime are minimized.

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