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Private jet and helicopter sales and acquisitions is a project by itself. Détroyat Aviation provides the pre and/or post acquisition support and works with key partner in the aircraft acquisition process.


To a first time buyer or a regular aircraft customer, every project of acquisition or sale of a "flying assets" evolves around an equation with a variety (or countless) of variables :  


  • Qualification of the type of aircraft operation

  • Budgetisation of an operational cost structure 

  • Owner requirement translation into achievable flight operation

  • Liaison with transportation State agencies (FAA - EASA & locals)     

  • Financing structuration when needed

  • And some many more….


Funnelling the complexity of data, operational constraints, regulations and parties’ interest is what Détroyat Aviation provides. This investment translates in significant cost saving both for the acquisition or the sale of a highly valued asset.  


Well established and reliable boutique aircraft partner provide reliable market insight solutions thanks to an innovative product offering and a focus on discretion and project management delivery. With this partnership and operational expertise, Détroyat Aviation's aim is to support the adapted solution for its client looking at selling their asset or at buying new or pre-owned airplanes and helicopters. 

 Tel : +33 1 43 70 04 85  

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